Volunteering at the ReStore

We are glad you are interested in volunteering at the ReStore!

Here are the positions we have available:
Customer Service
If you love to meet new people and chat with everyone, a customer service volunteer is your true calling! As a customer service volunteer you will greet customers as they come in, help to answer any questions they may have, and wish them well on their way out.
Donation Assistant
Our donation assistants work in the donation center of the store to help unload donations that people drop off and process them so they can be put out for sale. This position is crucial to the every day operations of the the ReStore.
Donation Driver
As the donation driver, it is essential that you have a clean driving record and preferably practice with driving large vehicles. Part of this position is also heavy lifting. So if you want to get your workout in, this is the position for you.

Our donation drivers make it possible for the ReStore to make donating as easy as possible!

The hospitality volunteer has a lot of flexibility. When we have volunteers we want them to feel at home and happy, what makes you more happy that home-baked goods? The hospitality volunteer can provide that happiness anytime by baking tasty treats for our in-store volunteers!
As the Cashier volunteer you will work the cash register proficiently, knows sales promotions for the day, and answers general questions and guides customers through store.
Store Merchandiser
As a store merchandiser volunteer you will help to keep the front end of the ReStore looking tip-top. It is important that the items we get donated to the ReStore are clean, priced, and placed on the floor for customer to see. The fun of this position is being creative with merchandise! Make your ideal living room in the store to display the new furniture we have for sale.
Ms./Mr. Fix it
As the Ms./Mr. Fix it volunteer you will need some “handy man” skills. This position is to give some TLC to donate items that have potential to be a great addition to a customers home if they were just in a bit better shape. So if you are handy with tools and fixing things up, please apply to be a volunteer!

Once you have found a position or two that are appealing to you, fill out this quick applicaiton:

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Do you have skills outside of these positions that you think would help us at the ReStore? If you have an idea of how you want to help out at the ReStore that is not listed, email volcoord@billingshabitat.org or call  (406) 652-0409 to see if we can work together!