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Your church or organization can join the next build.
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What is an Apostles Build?

In an Apostles Build, churches or organizations come together to build a Habitat for Humanity (Habitat) house. Habitat challenges people of compassion to provide the initial capital, through gifts, donations, grants and sponsorships to build simple, decent houses for the inadequately sheltered. Houses are sold at no profit, with a no interest mortgage repaid over a typical mortgage length of 20-30 years to families or individuals who qualify by need, stability, ability to pay and willingness to partner. The house payments are recycled to build more houses through a local “Fund for Humanity” (Revolving Fund).

How your church/organization can be part of an Apostles Build:

What is expected from each Apostles Build organization?
Making a donation of $2000 (or more) plus sending volunteers to build on at least one construction day (and providing lunch on that day.) We will help you find volunteers to build if your church or organization needs help with that.
Who could be your church/organization’s contact person?
An organizational champion such as a member of a mission and/or outreach committee, or a board member, or you!

Who is the Apostles Build contact for Habitat for Humanity?

Jim Woolyhand





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