Youth Programs

Youth Programs

We provide volunteer opportunities for ages five to 40.
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Thank you for wanting to invest in the future with Habitat Youth Programs.

Younger generations have always inspired the rest of us to better our world. That kind of idealism can be infectious, and when paired with tangible service, real change can occur.

There are numerous benefits to volunteering in general, but volunteering with Habitat specifically provides the ability to:

  • Meet and work with those who are different than you, including other volunteers and future Habitat homeowners.
  • Understand the needs of others, particularly concerning poor living conditions versus safe, affordable housing.
  • Become involved in the strengthening of your own neighborhoods and communities.
  • Participate in meaningful work resulting in a sense of accomplishment.
  • Learn new skills and gain confidence.
  • Improve your own life and the lives of others in practical and long-lasting ways.
  • Have fun in a way you may not have thought possible.

Youth organizations and/or schools and colleges can establish a campus chapter. A campus chapter works together with the Mid-Yellowstone Valley affiliate to help promote the issues of homelessness and informs others on how they can contribute to help this cause. Some of the other ways the Campus Chapter helps is to fund-raise and provide contributions such as food and drinks.

Youth organizations and/or schools and colleges can establish a Youth Build off site, building sheds that could be sold at the ReStore or auctioned off during the annual fundraiser.

Find more ideas on how youth can get involved.

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