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HUGE! Pre-Memorial Day Sale.

memorial day prayersThey fought together as brothers-in-arms. They died together and now sleep side-by-side. To them we owe a solemn obligation.

Thursday, May 26th,

Friday, May 27th,

Saturday, May 28th.

Everything will be on sale except pumps. We will take 30% off the total of any purchase (minimum $10 purchase),at the cash register. No other discounts will be accepted.


If 30% off of your purchase on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, May 26-28, isn’t enough incentive… come in Saturday, May 28th, and we’ll give you 20% off of every window, PLUS 30% off of your purchase total (over $10).


Sorry that we had to remove doors from the Saturday sale. Sales have been so brink we have too little to put on sale.



We Want Your Gently-used and New Donations!

We want your good stuff! New or gently used building materials and home ReStore General Managerimprovement items. We’ve had our eye on your grandma’s chair for a long time. And when you replace those kitchen cabinets, we would just love to have those nice old ones! Those donations have helped us to put 70 families and over 205 children into simple, decent homes. There are all sorts of ways to get your tax deductible donation to the ReStore.

We Make it Easy!

1) Bring your donations to our Donation Receiving Door located on 2nd Avenue North, behind the ReStore. Jen, our Donation Receiving Department Head, or one of our friendly staff, will be happy to help you unload and write you a receipt. This is our favorite way of receiving your donations.

2) Call (406) 256-0409 and ask for Roger, our ReStore General Managerr, or email him at Roger will arrange to have donations that are too large for you to deliver, picked up by our terrific volunteers. Please make certain that these donations are worth our expense in fuel.

3) Businesses, contact John, our Donation Procurement Manager, to have your new old stock, or other good new or gently used donations picked up or delivered. You can reach John at the office by dialing (406) 256-0409, by mobile phone at (406) 671-6334, or email him at

We turn your donations of new and gently used home improvement and building materials into homes that change lives and improve our community!


 We Love Shoppers!

For May Day, Friday, May 1st, all our lady customers received a beautiful carnation. Our shoppers are smart folks and we like to treat them special. They know that the ReStore is the place to shop first when they are undertaking a project. They know that we carry only gently-used furniture and antiques. They know that this is stop one for the upcycler, the repurposer, and the artist. But no matter what brings you to the ReStore, you all know that you won’t find better prices for the merchandise. Besides, we simply love to see you!

What does the ReStore have for you to buy?

Lumber * Molding * Doors * Windows * Appliances * Cabinets *Furniture * Hardware * Sinks * Electrical/Lighting * Drywall * Plumbing * Latex Paint * Carpet/Vinyl/Laminate * Vinyl Siding * Tile and much more…


We Love Volunteers!!

Like the volunteers pictured below, you too could join the family that sustains the work of Habitat for Humanity Mid-Yellowstone Valley. The ReStore needs YOU!

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If you would like to join our ReStore family as a volunteer, please call AMY at (406) 652-0960, or email Amy at Alternately, you may call SUE or ROGER at (406) 256-0409, or

Why ReStore?

We are a home improvement products and building material re-sale store that raises money to help fund home construction for low-income families in Mid-Yellowstone County, Montana.

We receive donations of new and used home improvement products and building materials from individuals who are remodeling, contractors who have leftover items and businesses that have unwanted or returned items they can’t use. We sell these items at a small fraction of the “new” price.

Our store helps homeowners fix up their houses at a price that is affordable. ReStores also keep tons of items out of the landfill. There are hundreds of Habitat for Humanity ReStores all over the world. Billings has one of its very own to help you in your construction needs.


You don’t Albert-Einstein-1have to be a genius to figure out that the ReStore is your very best, first stop home improvement and building material store!

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